About Brooks Basketball Academy

Focused on developing the player and the person, Darren Brooks founded Brooks Basketball Academy on March 1, 2012. It was an effort to bring his love for the game, his wealth of experience, and his hope for the future of aspiring young basketball players to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Believing that "Great players aren't born, they're made!", Darren was determined to help players improve their on-court performance by offering elite training and encouraging hard work and dedication to the sport. After recruiting several childhood friends to join his coaching staff--all of whom played basketball at the collegiate level--Brooks Basketball Academy was launched in the summer of 2012. After relocating to McKinney, Texas with his wife and four daughters, Darren expanded Brooks Basketball Academy's reach to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in January 2016. 

For the beginner to the more advanced, for an individual or a team, Brooks Basketball Academy is for everyone! With the aid of intensive drills, offensive and defensive strategies, as well as simple repetition and practice, players will redefine what it means to excel. We also offer a number of speed and strength training exercises to help improve quickness, power, and endurance.

Emphasizing the importance of FUNdamentals, our staff is passionate about coaching, training, and inspiring young players. All drills, instruction, and game scenarios are tailored to players based on individual skill level and ability. Aside from our focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game, players will also learn the importance of having a positive attitude, the value of self-discipline, and the concept of team work. We believe the desire to be one's best should exist on and off the court, and through the experience at Brooks Basketball Academy, you will too!